When I joined 2 B Fit, I did not consider myself fat, but I definitely was not fit. Never participating in any significant sporting or exercise activity for over 25 years I knew that something needed to change. I took advantage of 2 B Fit’s policy for a free trial class. It was an awakening to how out of shape I was; I did not complete the class. But I knew there was something unique about the organization and in particular the trainers, it was extremely personal. I had no hesitation to sign up for more classes. Though the exercises were new to me, the staff were always there to help. There are a variety of classes, and by trying different ones I was able to find those that I enjoyed the most. But what I found incredibly impressive was how they worked with everyone, at the level they wanted, no matter what the class type and size was. The encouragement does not stop at the trainers. The club members also provide motivation, so as a group we all advance towards our goals, which vary from person to person; we all progress at our own pace. The focus is definitely on total body fitness, head to toe. I feel confident in saying I reached my goal of being “Fit at Fifty” thanks to the staff at 2 B Fit. Look out Sixty!!


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Joining 2 B Fit for me was more about trying to live a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Weight loss and toning has always been important, but my focus was to incorporate daily activity as I enjoyed eating good meals and sweets a little too much! I had committed to attending a minimum of 4 times a week and not focusing on the scale. In the last year, I have lost over 10 pounds and 13.5 inches throughout my body.

After a class I come out feeling more relaxed and at the same time re-energized.
I leave in a happier mood then when I came in and my family and friends are able to see the physical and mental benefits. I am grateful to 2 B Fit for their continued enthusiasm and commitment to help me obtain an optimal balance in my life between enjoying the good life and learning discipline.

The trainers are experienced and have good personalities that make attending enjoyable and non intimidating. With the variety of routines/classes, they ensure to keep everyone interested.


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I want to say thank you to 2 B Fit for all your hard work in making my goal a very

successful one. The journey began by joining the studio; I have never exercised in my
life and now I enjoy every minute of it. The fitness assessments have guided me to
change my eating habits which helped me reach my goal.

2 B Fit changes up their classschedule every season so you never reach a plateau.
Now I feel better inside and out. Never give up on something you want in life and go
for your goal but remember its baby steps and your goal will come.

The staff at 2 B Fit always motivates you and makes you feel part of a team!

Exercise was the best thing that ever happened to me. Thank you for all your support
on giving me the opportunity to reach my goal.

Pina Stante

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Whenever we begin a personal journey, we are only clear of twothings…where we are and where we want to

be and sometimes who we meet along the way can impact our success greatly. In order to change the way we look and feel we need to change the way we see ourselves.

The support staff (trainers) at 2 B Fit are not only present as qualified trainers but as personal coaches who help encourage, support and create an atmosphere of fun and excitement. A place where you can set challenging goals for yourself and find the resources to accomplish them.

The Qualified Training experts at 2 B Fit Training Studio will help change your attitude, with their in-depth knowledge and skills combined with personal attention and support.

My Experience at 2 B Fit be has been unique, rewarding and extremely enjoyable, not to mention a blessing in my life.


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In 2010, 4 months after the birth of my 4th child, a decade of having children and accumulating extra padding, I decided it was time for a change. Thankfully, 2BFit opened up around the corner from me in Oakridges – and I started going to the studio twice a week.

At first it was really tough and my body ached as my body realised it actually still had muscles, but soon my fitness levels increased, my energy drastically improved, I started feeling great and it just keeps getting better.

Slowly but surely the inches started to come off – 12 cm off my hips, 7% points of BMI (Body Mass Index) which meant I was losing fat – 20 pounds of it and my baggy clothes were out the door.

This was thanks to the great motivating team of Dina, Adriana, Anna and Kevin at 2BFit, plenty of encouragement from all the sweet ladies and gents, a little bit of self-discipline and a lot of prayer! If I can do it, you can too!

I want to say thank you to the team at 2 B Fit for getting me my body back after the birth of both my children. I gained about 50 pounds with each child and going to 2 B Fit and having the support of Dina, Anna and Kevin helped me to not only reach my pre pregnancy weight but be smaller in inches and on the scale then I have ever been. I really enjoyed losing each and every pound!! The classes are always full of energy and fun, the team at 2 B Fit are there to motivate and make you do the last 10 even when you just want to fall over. I have never felt better in my life and I want to thank 2 B Fit for making me a healthier, happier person!!



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